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 punk'd on myspace

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punk'd on myspace Empty
PostSubject: punk'd on myspace   punk'd on myspace Icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2007 9:58 am

For those of you who have myspace, I know not a lot do, I came up with this prank called, punk'd on myspace. Well, my friend Sarah helped me with it, so I can't take all the credit.

Anyway heres what you need and what you do...

1. make a new myspace.
2. do not use a real email for your new myspace.
3. come up with a fake identity. Make this girl/guy however u want to make them. Punk, skater, prep. You decide.
4. After finishing the painful process of makeing a new myspace, hunt down your target. Your target must be someone you know, a rival, an ememy, someone from school, etc...
5.Pretend to be some girl/guy(this prank works better on guys) and flirt with them and stuff, say u know them, find a way to work with it.
6.Picture problems? Go on google and get a picture of some random hot girl/guy. True, you can go to jail for it, but, how are the police gonna find you? And most likley, the person your pranking, doesn't know this.
7. After you've been messing with them for like 10 messages or so, send them a link to a pic of you, or your myspace or soemthing, and say, YOU GOT PUNK'D!!!!
8. I personally have done this more than once. It is funny as hell. But its only funny if the person is really stupidl Try and pick somebody stupid.

Good luck to everyone who tries this prank.

And one last thing

clean teath
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punk'd on myspace
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