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 Online Pervs......

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Online Pervs...... Empty
PostSubject: Online Pervs......   Online Pervs...... Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 8:36 am

I have met at least 2 online pervs in my life. I met one on that imvu chat room thing. He was telling me he would **** me any way i wanted him too. I was like, dude, ewwwwww, your 26. I'm 13. I kept telling him thinking like that was disgusting, wrong, and would get him into jail. Eventually, he got tired of me and left.

Today, it happened again, not with the same person.

Ali: Hi
Me: Hi
Ali: Asl?
Me: 13/f/New Jersey
Ali: tooooooooo younger
Me: Asl?
Me: wow, REALLY old
Ali: hehe

This is when I Started feeling uncomfortable.

Ali: do u have a pic?
Me: Nope.
Ali: do u have a camera?
Me: no.............

And thats when I decided to block him. He was creeping me out.

Anyone else met an online perv?
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Online Pervs......
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