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 pictures and links

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PostSubject: pictures and links   pictures and links Icon_minitimeFri Apr 20, 2007 8:39 am

To have a picture that other members can click on (it brings them to a site), use this code: [url=URL OF SITE]pictures and links URL OF PIC[/url]
for pictures use this code: pictures and links URL OF PIC
if you want someone to click on a piece of text, and it brings them to a site, use this code: [url]URL OF SITE[/url]
if you want to discise your text so its not a bunch of numbers and letters, use this code: [url=URL OF SITE]TEXT(EX; CLICK ME!)[/url]
Replace URL OF SITE with the url of the site. Replace URL OF PIC with the url of the picture. to get the url of a picture, right click on the picture, go to "properties". then they'll be a list of stuff. Copy the text that goes right of "adresse" or URL.
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pictures and links
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