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 lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.

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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.   Mon Jan 07, 2008 6:36 pm

The Evil light Switch


Evil light switch
Jermiah- Dillans cousin (played by Dillan George)


Shortly after Mikes Germaphobe episode
Dillon’s house
Mikes house
The germaphobe clinic
The lightbolb store
Creative Writing


Dillon has known about the evil light switch ever since he was a little kid, when it murdered his cousin. Dillon now traumatized by the lightswitches effects, is trying to recover. ON the way back from the germaphobe clinic, Dilllon tells the story, and Krystal makes fun of the story. She provokes it. And The Evil light switch destroys everyone who means something to Krystal.

This screen play is both a comedy, horror, and a tradgedy. I hope u enjoy it. And if u don’t, lie to me and tell me its great. Thank u, and have a nice day.

Scene 1: The Germaphobe clinic

Fath; Mike your good to go.
Mike: Really?
Faith: yep.
Mike: So your not gonna duck tape me to the floor?
Faith: get out of here.

*in van*

Paula: Now see Mike? That wasn’t so bad!
Mike- Krystal went crazy and duck taped me to a chair!! She used 3 rolls!! THREE!!!! Wasn’t that just a LITTLE harsh?
Krystal: O’ common! They do it in the movies all the time!
Dillon: Be careful of the evil light switch. He’s (pause) EVIL.
Marcia: Dillan, have u taken your meds today?
Dillon: No……………But that doesn’t mean anything!!!
Krystal: TELL ME THE STORY!! ^__^
Dillon: It was a Monday, and it was the year 2003. I was 11 and my cousin Jeramiah was 19. I asked him to chop me up some apples. He did but *lip quivers, about to start crying* The light switch turned off as he was just about to cut the apple in half.
*back flash image of his cousin about to cut an apple in half*
Dillon: And then
*light turns off. The sound of Jeramiah cutting his hand off. Jeramiah screams*
Krystal: *flickers on and off the light* *in mocking tone* I’m the evil light switch and I’m comeing to eat u!!!
Dillon: STOP! STOP!!! You’ll only provoke it!!
Krystal: Provokeit to EAT U!!!
Dillon: Its to late! He’s goin to KILL US ALL!!! *screams*
Paula and Marcia: that was mean!
Krystal: But it was funny!
Mike: *laughs* I agree.
Marcia: Oh well, Mike heres your house. *stops van and Mike leaves* Bye Mike! See u in creative writing tomorrow!
Paula: I still think he’s a germaphove.
Dillan: At least the germs won’t kill him. *pouts*
Krystal: *snikers*
Marica: Don’t worry Dillan, if the evil light-switch tries to kill u, I’ll be there to help! Promise! Well Dylan heres your stop! Bye!!
Dillon: *looks at Krystal* Your EVIl!!! *leaves van and goes home*
Krystal: That was great. *laughs*
Paula: *chuckles* Ok, maybe it was a little funny.
Paula and Krystal: *roll on the van floor laughing*
Marcia: Your both so immature!!

Scene 2: Dillon’s house

Narrarator: Dillans brother Piece is on a field drip. His parents are at a party. Dillon is home alone.
Dillon: I feel like I’m being (pause) watched. *looks at the light switch.* I know what your up to!!
Narrator: The light switch does nothing.
Dillon: Your not gonna fool me this time! I refuse to eat anything that needs to be cut in order to be eaten!
Narrarator: Dillan decides to calm his nerves by takeing a shower. Unfortienatly he sings in the shower……
Dillon: YMCA!!! YMCA!!!
Narrarator: Suddenly the light switch turns off. Dillon drops athe soap and accidentally steps on the soap. He trips and bangs his head on the bathtub…………He’s unconscious. Blood is everywhere………..2 hours later he dies.

Narrartor: Poor Dillan. 

Scene 3: Creative Writeing

Mike: Did u gys hear the news?
Paula: Nope
Krystal: No, what?
Mike: Dillon died last night.
Krystal: Do u think it was the evil light-switch?
Mike: Nah, its just a coincidence. THeres no such things as an evil light switch.
Paula: Hey wheres Marcia?
Mike: Marsha is absent.
Krystal: Well ok. *sad sigh* See u guys tommarow.
Paula and Mike: Bye

Scene 4: Mikes House

Narrarator: Mike is an only child. His mother is at the grocery store. His dad is working. Mike decides to watch some TV while he’s bored. Of course he has a project to do in creative writeing. And he hasn’t even started!
Mike: *flicks throught the channels* *groans* Nothigns good is on. I’m sooooo bored. I’ll just go to sleep.
Narrator: Mike goes to turn the light off.
Narrarator: Mike touches the light switch.
Mike: *screams and is electrocuted*

Narrarator: Poor Mike. 

Scene 5: Creative Writeing

Paula: Krystal did u hear the news?
Krystal: Pffffffft. I don’t watch that.
Paula: *annoyed sigh* Mike died last night. He was electrocuted.
Krystal: Hey, Marcia still isn’t here! What if the evil light switch hilled her too?
Ms. Grieme: *sleeping*
Krystal: I think she forgot her coffe.
Paula: ok, Krystal, this thing killed 2 of our friend and it might have gotten Marcia too!! Ms. Griems asleep. Lets get out of here!
Krystal: Okie, but where too?
Paula: Somewhere with lots of lights. How about the light bulb store?
Krystal: Sure, anything is better than school. Not that I don’t like this class. I jus didn’t study for my science test today.

Scene 6: Washington Light bulb Store.

Krystal: Evil Light switch I brought u here! And I’ll get rid of u too!! So uhhhhhhhhhh Paula, your smarter than me, what are we supposed to do now?
Paula: wow, I really don’t know.
Krystal: SO were just gonna sit and wait here for him to attack us?
Paula: Basicly.

Narrartor: 15 minutes later

*door opens*
Krystal and Paula: MARCIA!!!!
Paula: SO where were u the last 2 days?
Marcia: *evil laugh* Oh remember when I told Dillon I’d be there if the Evil ight switch came after him? Well, I kept my promise. *evil smile*I helped him with the murders. And now I’m going to help him murder u Paula!
Narrarator: Marcia hits Krystal in the head with a bat so she’s unconscious. Then Marcia ties Paula up and duck tapes her to a chair.
Paula: Wow, now that I’ in the same situation as mike was, maybe this was a little harsh.
Marcia: any last words or request Paula?
Paula: duck tape Krystals mouth shut so she won’t be able to talk for awhile.
Marcia: as u wish! *puts duck tape over unconscious Krystals mouth* Ok, Paula, TIME TO DIE!!!! *evil laugh*
Narrarator: Marcia throws the switch and Pauls sadly burns to death. 
Narrator: 3 hours lator Krystal wakes up. She attempts to speak but can only get out muffles because of the duck tape. Before Krystal can react or understand whats going on Marcia grabs her and duck tapes her to the chair next to Paula’s burned up corpse. Krystal tries to scream when she see’s the blond strands of paula’s hair on the floor. She instantly knows only Paula has blond hair like that. And Dillon does to but he’s dead. He doesn’t count.
Marcia: any last words or requests?
Narrator: Marcia temporarily takes off the duck tape from Krystals mouth.
Krystal: Marcia before u kill me, u just HAVE to hear this song!! Its like the best song EVER!!!
Marcia: OK!!!! Whats it called?
Krystal: I don’t know. All I know it’s a cool song!!!
Narrarator: Krystal lets Marcia listen to her ipod. Within 2 seconds Marcia is disgusted and goes to take out the head phones and lecture Krystal about how Slipknot is horrible music. She tugs at the headphones and realizes Krystal crazy glued them in. Krystal raises the volume so loud u can hear the songs clearly. Marcia’s ears start to blead and she’s acting like she’s gone nuts.
Krystal: your already there. *turns up volume to the max.
Narrator: Five minutes later, Marcia dies.
Krystal: Sorry Marcia, it was either u or me.
Narrator: Why did Marcia do it? NO one really knows. Is the evil light switch real? OR is it Marcia’s cover- up story? Only Marcia could answer that. But I’m afraid she’s already dead. Be afraid. Be very afraid of that one second interval between when the light goes on and off. It could be your last. This is the Twilight zone.
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PostSubject: Re: lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.   Tue Jan 08, 2008 12:46 pm

Lol, that was morbidly hilarious! I LOVED it!!!!!! ^-^

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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

Number of posts : 1592
Age : 25
Registration date : 2007-05-01

PostSubject: Re: lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.   Tue Jan 08, 2008 1:21 pm

thankies!! ^__^ I'm sure everyone else thinks i'm a crackhead after reading that. Laughing



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PostSubject: Re: lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.   Wed Jan 09, 2008 2:27 pm

hey lee how could marcia kill dillans brother when dillan was olny 11 !!??
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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

Number of posts : 1592
Age : 25
Registration date : 2007-05-01

PostSubject: Re: lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.   Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:05 pm

oh yeah, well that just an accident. Dillan was little so he put it in his head that something "evil" did it. therefore the myth of the evil light-switch was born.

the reason i made marcia the killler was cus she's REALLY REALLY nice and it would throw everyone off if she killed anyone.
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PostSubject: Re: lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.   

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lol. i wrote this for creative writeing.
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