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 Admin's Work 1.1

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PostSubject: Admin's Work 1.1   Admin's Work 1.1 Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2008 1:13 pm

Before i had gimp, i just cut clips from music videos, im not going to post these. i ussually dont work with renders so i only have one GFX with a render.... plus i only have the brushes that come with gimp 2.2, so i dont have any good brushes, but these wallapers is what i came up with:
Admin's Work 1.1 L_081d97aa575ba2696288bc1e9e3156f9
Admin's Work 1.1 L_63dd5b5a9d7aa9f385dcf94f9a96702c
Admin's Work 1.1 L_9d6f72886b7ad77b4197be25ffb80203
Admin's Work 1.1 L_e0385e63d2c2ca4cc481313566d93357
Admin's Work 1.1 L_65c65740dba4853a4b22914fb4badb85
Admin's Work 1.1 L_0fb52e991770c504c3a83e6e8d14b419
Admin's Work 1.1 L_544661cc5087ff67313dac1cd0ae6beb
Admin's Work 1.1 L_2d104e9944dde79a9bebd15bb2bb8fa6
Admin's Work 1.1 L_a4f6b4ca9bc9826094fe12283c273f4b
Admin's Work 1.1 L_56b2d978932529d2db4f3d5332f7af02

plz comment!

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Admin's Work 1.1
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